Update on The Glebe

We have received instructions from Harrogate Borough Council that all PLAY AREAS MUST REMAIN CLOSED at least until much later in the month. This is to comply with the UK GOVS latest details for easing LOCKDOWN and the importance of maintaining 2m Social distancing.
The Glebe is classed as a play area for specific reasons of its size and types of equipment available. The area of the Glebe is too small to be classed as a park (which are allowed to be open) and it has play equipment both in a secure childrens’ area and outside in the grassed area eg adult fitness items, bird’s nest swing, combat trail, monkey bars and ball wall
Whilst many residents wish only to enjoy the open space or play football, until we can guarantee that the other equipment -which should be sanitised before and after use – will not be used. Also using the majority of pieces of equipment do not allow users to socially distance from one another and it is almost impossible to isolate the grass area from the rest of the facility.
In addition there have been almost daily abuse of the current closure with youngsters vaulting the walls and gates, throwing bikes over and using the equipment, leaving litter and socialising in groups whilst hiding from view.
We fully understand residents’ frustrations at not being able to use this valuable resource, particularly given the dry weather, but we must follow the Government guidelines to keep the virus and its effects at bay.