Latest Update from HADCA

Morning everyone




The council are keen to reassure those who have been shielding that there will be support for them after July 31st  As of today, 522 people in the District are receiving food parcels from the government  and each of these people will be contacted to see what their plans are, and will then be signposted to support.


Many of you already have entries on our local Where to Turn Directory:  and thank you very much for keeping that information up to date.       NYCC have asked that any hot meal delivery schemes operating locally could please also be added to the following website NY Connect   This information will be useful in coming months especially, since food parcels provided through the government Medically Shielded scheme will stop.




Trading Standards are keen to get information out to those who might be more vulnerable at the moment to scams, as Harrogate has been identified as one of three hotspots for scams across the county.    Trading Standards have hard copies of the following ‘Little Book of Big Scams’

to distribute to those isolating.  Volunteers could take them out with food parcels, shopping deliveries etc.  The intention isn’t to make this a blanket mail drop in, it’s for booklets to be given out by volunteers as they complete tasks for those isolating.    Please could you let me know by the end of the week if you would like any and if so, how many copies, delivered to where?  I don’t know how long they will take to arrive with me, but will get them out to you as quickly as possible once I have them.


Demonstrating the scale of need


And finally, just a reminder about my request last week, now that we are at month end (how is that possible already?!):

The past couple of months, I have asked if you would be willing to share a summary of number of shopping trips done / prescriptions collected  etc.    This is so that NYCC are aware just how much is happening on the ground in each area and so that the scale of need and community support is understood and gets recognized.   Harrogate is often perceived as a wealthy area in North Yorkshire and we all know that whilst that’s true for some, there is a huge underlying need for support for an increasing number of people.   Decision-makers need to be aware of just how broad that need is, and how quickly it is changing, so that they have the full facts and aren’t basing their decisions on old assumptions.

If you are happy for me to include your community’s efforts when I report to the County, then please could you let me have your figures for following, for the whole of June this time, (rather than just a one week snapshot as we’ve done before), by the end of Friday 3rd July if possible?

  • Number of shopping trips arranged in June
  • Number of prescriptions collected in June
  • Number of people receiving a regular wellbeing call in June
  • Number of food parcels delivered in June
  • Number of meals delivered in June
  • Anything else you’d like to share about how you’ve been supporting people.


With thanks and best wishes