2nd Lockdown –

As we all are aware, the country went into a 2nd lockdown on Thursday 5th November, for a period of 4 weeks. The Parish Council have had to take measures during this period. The Glebe WILL remain open, along with the children’s play area, however, unfortunately, the outdoor gym equipment has had to be closed to comply with the current guidelines. Should there be any changes to the legislation during this time, The Parish Council will keep you informed.

On a sad note, this Sunday, 08.11.2020, is Remembrance Day. Unfortunately the normal service of Remembrance will not be taking place due to restrictions. Wreaths will be laid and will be there for anyone who wishes to pay their own individual respects at their leisure.

The Parish Council wishes everyone their best during these trying times.

Take Care and Stay Safe


Killinghall Parish Council